5 Free Photo Editing Apps for Android 2018

Smartphone camera technology is improving at a fast pace and so are the mobile photo editing apps. Nowadays if you browse photo editing apps on Google Play Store, you will find a long list of apps. Majority of these android apps are free to use, though you might have to pay for some advanced features.

Adjusting saturation, cropping, increasing sharpness and adding filters are some of the main reason why you would be using a photo editing app on your android smartphone. So keeping these preference in mind, I have made a list of top 5 free photo editing apps for android users.

1. Snapseed – Free Photo Editing Android App

Google-owned Snapseed is one of the best photo editing apps you would find for your android phone. This app allows you to do almost everything with your photo, be it the color correction, exposure adjustments, applying filters or adding text. You can edit portraits using the Portrait and Head Pose tools, and trust me you would be impressed by the final output. The best thing about the Snapseed app is that it does not compress your image, the resolution remains the same.

free photo editing android apps

You can download the official Snapseed android app on Google Play Store.

2. Adobe Lightroom CC – Free Photo Editing Android App

Ig you are a hardcore Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom user, then you would find the Adobe Lightroom CC android mobile app to be user-friendly. You can sync your photos to be used across devices by logging in to your Adobe account, though it is a paid service but you can avail one-month free service. If you prefer editing your DSLR image on your smartphone, this app also allows you to apply lens profile corrections. If you are already using this app, do try out the HSL (Hue, Saturation, and Luminance) color toolbars if you haven’t already.

This is one of those apps which allows you to do professional image editing, whereas Snapseed is a bit basic. If you are someone who clicks more of landscapes and cityscapes, then you would enjoy doing some serious editing in Adobe Lightroom CC app.

free photo editing android apps

You can download the official Adobe Lightroom CC android app on Google Play Store.

3. PicsArt – Free Photo Editing Android App

Lens flare, artistic effects, stickers or perspective control are some of the key reason you would love using the PicsArt app. It also offers creative features such as dispersion effect and draw tool, and the text tool in this app is a bit better than Snapseed.

If you like to add creative and artistic effects to your photos, PicsArt is the ideal photo editing app for you. The tools that you get to use in this app are unique and lets you achieve creative results.

free photo editing android apps

You can download the official PicsArt android app on Google Play Store.

4. Polarr – Free Photo Editing Android App

I have recently started using this editing app and the reason I am including it on this list is because of its professional editing features. If you click and edit more landscapes and portraits on your android smartphone then using this app will let you further enhance your images. You can use this app in either beginner mode or advanced mode, depending on how well versed you are with the editing tools.

free photo editing android apps

You can download the official Polarr android app on Google Play Store.

5. Mirror Lab – Free Photo Editing Android App

Looking for an easy and quick way to get reflection, water drops, or kaleidoscope effects? This simple-to-use editing app is fun to play with if you want to create artistic effects in just one click. Mirror Lab app is full of filters using which you can get crazy results. So next time you want to create water drops effect in your photos but it is not raining outside, simply use this app. Even if you want to create reflection effect in your photo al you have to do is tap on that filter and it’s done.

free photo editing android apps

You can download the official Mirror Lab android app on Google Play Store.

Let me know your favorite free Android photo editing app in the comment section below.

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