Photography 101

digital camera dial

Digital Camera Modes Explained – Auto, Manual, Aperture and Shutter Priority

A good understanding of various digital camera modes is the secret to click great images. Using the correct camera mode lets you take control of the exposure being recorded on your photo. Owning a great camera without proper understanding of…
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must have lenses

3 Must Have Lenses in Your Camera Bag

Which lens should I invest in? We usually come across this question from our friends when they purchase their first digital camera. Back in the past, you must have also sought advice from professional photographers regarding the must have lenses…
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online photography courses

8 Free Online Photography Courses and Lessons

Photography is an art that one can never stop learning, new techniques and trends keep coming, it is up to us how quickly we learn and bring them to practice. Be it an amateur or a professional photographer, it is important…
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