IIIT Photography Contest – FOQS 2015

iiit foqs 2015

Need money for a new camera? Win prizes worth Rs. 25000,

Participate in FOQS | Non-Tech | Esya’15, IIIT Delhi, the Photography Competition of Esya: IIIT Delhi’s Techfest and get a chance to win prizes worth Rs. 25000.

iiit foqs 2015
Delhi College of Photography is the Official Event Sponsor for this event. Last few days left, so send in your entries at foqsesya@gmail.com

Last date of Submission: 15th August 2015, before 1:00 p.m.


1. Every picture should have a suitable caption pertaining to the theme
2. Maximum 3 entries per participant
3. Marks will also be awarded for originality and creativity
5. Participants need to send in their photographs at foqsesya@gmail.com
6. Clearly mention your name & the name of your college/school.

-> Selected participants would qualify to the on campus
round-A which will be held on 21st August 2015.


Basic editing (Lighting fixes, changes to hue/saturation)
is allowed.

-> Morphing, stitching pictures or using multiple pictures to create one image in any way is not allowed.

-> Photographs must not have any watermark or text on them.

-> Submission limit – 3 pictures per participant(prelims)

-> Decision of judges is final and binding.

-> The competition is open for ALL STUDENTS with a valid ID card of their school/college/university but IIIT-D will not bear the cost of travel and/or accommodation.

-> The age limit is 16-25. The competition is an opportunity for young photographers and not for professionals.

-> Contestants selected in the prelims will have to confirm their participation in the finals.

-> Plagiarism is strictly prohibited and any such entries will disqualify the participant


1. Decision of Organizers shall be final and binding.
2. The organizers reserve the right to change the rules as they deem fit.

3. Organizers have the right to disqualify any team if they break any rule.

Event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/666619196805996/

If you are unable to find our Event Page on Facebook, Just search in Facebook’s search panel “FOQS | Non-Tech | Esya’15, IIIT Delhi”

For more information, visit: http://esya.iiitd.edu.in/ or email us at foqsesya@gmail.com.

Otherwise feel free to contact the event heads.

Siddhant Verma

Siddharth Arya

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