Introduction to Astro Photography with Nimit Nigam

astro photography

Astro Photography is gaining popularity since past couple of years. Once you start observing the night sky full of shiny stars through a pair of binoculars or a telescope, you tend to fall in love with it. This love can take turn you into a successful astro photographer, as in the case of Nimit Nigam.

astro photography

Nimit is a well established astro photographer who loves traveling to places which have dreamy skies. His love for photography started way back in the year 2009, after which he kept on clicking breathtaking astro photos. To share his knowledge further, Nimit is soon coming up with an astro photography workshop, in collaborated with Future Forward.

I recently had a conversation with him, and here is what happened next:

When and how did you enter the world of photography?

In the year 2009 photography happened to me by chance. At that time I had no idea about photography. I did not follow any photographers nor any blog related to it for any kind of inspiration. On my educational tour to Kerala back in the days of college, I borrowed a Digital camera Canon IXUS 710 from one of my Cousin as I didn’t possess any camera at that time.

astro photography

That tour and that Digicam changed my life forever. I clicked a lot of nature photos during my tour and my follow students and faculty used to like my images a lot, which proved to be motivating. The best part was that my family was way too supporting throughout to help me buy my first DSLR and follow my passion for photography. I never thought that in such short span of time people will start liking my shots this much, and after that I never looked back.

I started reading a lot about photography and by searching on Youtube and Google I explored new things about photography. Then I started meeting other photographers and learned from them, and now after 6 years I am still learning, but now more from my own experience than others.

astro photography

You love traveling! What inspires you to travel and photograph different parts of India?

Natural and man made architectures are my biggest inspiration to click. Travelling different places gives me an opportunity to do so and meeting new people is an additional perk. It’s fun to know new people, and their culture along with the heritage sites helps to add to my photo tour experience.

astro photography

We know that you love astro photography. Any specific reason why?

After I got into photography, I met photographers Manish Mamtani and Dhanraj Wadiwala who click astro photos and their pictures are beautiful indeed. Night sky full of stars is more like a painting and I was curious if I can ever click something as beautiful as galaxy and millions of stars. I tried very hard for it, took a few trips and lots and lots of shots to get it right. Now I can confidently set my camera and click stunning astro photos.

astro photography

Which is that one advice you would want to give to budding photographers?

Photography is all about how you see and visualize the frame. People will criticise your work, but you need to take it positively and try to improve. Time will come when people will start appreciating your work, take it humbly and try to do even better.

astro photography

You are coming up with an astro photography workshop, would you like to shed some light on that?

Yes, I have collaborated with Future Forward for a workshop on ‘Astro Photography’ which is happening on this 6th of September. I’m excited to share my experience of astro photography with my fellow photographers, and the best part is that the proceeds will go to a charity.


astro photography

astro photography

astro photographyTo witness more such amazing astro photos, check out his Facebook page and Flickr photostream.

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