destination wedding photos

The Best of Destination Wedding Photography 2015

With the increasing trend of destination wedding photography, seems like each and every to-be-wedded couple has a dream of getting a lavish destination wedding photoshoot done. Recently, Junebug Weddings has curated some of the most captivating photos and released a…
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complete guide to photography

A Complete Guide to Photography for Beginners: Infographic

This post goes out to all the beginners who are looking for the ideal source to guide them about all the basics, techniques, concepts and fundamentals of photography. The creative guys at KatchUp have designed their own version of ‘The Complete…
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canon 250 megapixel sensor

Canon Has Developed a 250 Megapixel CMOS Sensor

Canon has officially announced that it has created an APS-H-size CMOS sensor which boasts world’s highest number of pixels (in a CMOS sensor). Comprising of a resolution of 19580×12600, this CMOS sensor can click massive 250 megapixel images. Related post: Canon…
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