iiit foqs 2015

IIIT Photography Contest – FOQS 2015

Need money for a new camera? Win prizes worth Rs. 25000, Participate in FOQS | Non-Tech | Esya’15, IIIT Delhi, the Photography Competition of Esya: IIIT Delhi’s Techfest and get a chance to win prizes worth Rs. 25000. Delhi College…
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mobile photography tips

7 Best Mobile Photography Tips

Click, edit and upload, that’s how it goes with the mobile photography. In today’s social media friendly world, a majority of smartphone users love clicking photos while they are travelling, enjoying with friends or family and the most trending form of…
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must have lenses

3 Must Have Lenses in Your Camera Bag

Which lens should I invest in? We usually come across this question from our friends when they purchase their first digital camera. Back in the past, you must have also sought advice from professional photographers regarding the must have lenses…
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most expensive camera lens

World’s Most Expensive Camera Lenses

“Photography is an expensive hobby”, you as a photographer must be heard this phrase n number of times. Well, for some photography enthusiasts, this statement stands true. We as professional/passionate photographers wait for the right moment to grab our dream lens…
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e1 camera

E1 Camera: The action camera with interchangeable lenses

Meet the world’s smallest Micro Four Thirds camera, the E1. This incredibly small 4K action camera, launched by a startup Z Camera came up with this 16 megapixel beauty to give neck to neck competition to the well established GoPro action camera….
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fashion photography

Fashion Photography – 10 things to keep in mind

Being a Fashion Photographer Fashion photography is a genre of photography devoted to displaying clothing and other fashion items on a live model or a mannequin in a way which is visually appealing to the viewers. It has to be…
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