All you need to know about Coolpad Cool 1 Dual Camera

coolpad cool 1 bokeh

LeEco has recently launched Coolpad Cool 1, a Rs.13,999 mobile phone which features dual rear camera. This is indeed one of the most affordable devices in the market which offers 13-megapixel dual rear camera setup at F/2.0. But what is the additional benefit of a dual-camera setup? Does it produce superior quality photos and videos, if yes then how?

What is the dual-camera hype all about?

For almost a decade we have been using mobile phones which feature a solo camera at the rear side. Now suddenly many brands such as Coolpad have started introducing smartphones with the dual rear camera setup. With the increasing use of DSLR cameras users like you and me started expecting better quality photos out of a smartphone as well, be it the high resolution or bokeh-like effect.

Dual-camera setup basically means that two separate camera sensors are used to capture more details in an image. Some brands use two different lenses on two cameras to allow users to capture photos with more zoom. On the other hand, some smartphones use two cameras to capture images with bokeh effect and with more details for better low-light photos.

coolpad cool 1 bokeh
LEFT: photo without using SLR mode. RIGHT: photo clicked using SLR mode.

What is the dual rear camera in Coolpad Cool 1 all about?

As mentioned above, the Coolpad Cool 1 smartphone features dual rear camera setup that too at a price less than Rs.15,000. What is so special about Coolpad using two rear cameras?

The first camera is loaded with an RGB image sensor, which is there in all the smartphones nowadays. The main attraction is the second camera which features a monochrome image sensor. The best part is that both the image sensors have 13-megapixels each. The RGB sensor captures all the colors whereas the monochrome sensor captures the details in black and white tones. Later using a software, the mobile phone displays you the final image which consists of more dynamic range (the contrast between light and dark tones) smoother gradation of tones.

Basically what happens is that the Coolpad 1 captures a photo using both the sensors and processes the file internally using a software, the final photo that you get is the result of the dual-camera. The dual camera setup also allows the software to produce an image with bokeh effect which varies from f/0.95 to f/16, and the ability to change the focus after clicking a photo.

coolpad cool 1 bokeh
The SLR mode allows you to choose bokeh effect ranging from F/0.95 to F/16.

The dual camera setup in Coolpad Cool 1 also allows the software to produce an image with bokeh effect, and the ability to change the focus after clicking a photo. This is done by clicking multiple photos using both the cameras and then processing these photos using the software to create a single photo.

Benefits of using Coolpad Cool 1 dual camera

1. The dual camera setup used in the Coolpad Cool 1 smartphone allows you to capture photos with bokeh effect using the SLR mode. This means that you can completely blur the background and keep the subject sharp and in focus, the effect that you get using a DSLR camera. You can also change the level of blur effect after clicking a photo, by viewing the image in the gallery.

coolpad cool 1 bokeh

2. The Cool 1 lets you change the focus point in a photo by just tapping on the desired part of the photo, this is possible using the SLR mode in the camera app. It also allows you to change the focus after clicking a photo, similar to what I have mentioned in the previous point.

3. You get a photo which has more dynamic range (contrast between shadows and highlights) by the help of the monochrome sensor.

coolpad cool 1 bokeh

The photo on the left is the original image clicked using SLR mode, focused on the lens cap of another lens which is almost 6 inches in height. In the second photo (center) I changed the focus using the original image to the lens lying flat, and this was possible after I had clicked the image. In the third photo (right) I reduced the bokeh effect to F/16 using the original image, this made both the lens and the lens cap sharp and in focus.

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(This is a post in collaboration with Coolpad)

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