Leaked Nikon D850 Photos: Illuminated Buttons and Tilt Screen

nikon d850 leaked photos

Photo of the upcoming Nikon D850 have been leaked online, as appeared on nikonrumors. This leak happened a day after Nikon officially confirmed the D850 model number, which was earlier being speculated as D820.

If these pictures are for real, then the upcoming Nikon D850 will come without the built-in pop-up flash as can be seen in the first leaked photo below.


One can easily make out from the second leaked photo that the Nikon D850 will have a tilt-LCD screen, hopefully touchscreen. The most appealing thing from this photo is the illuminated buttons, this is exactly what was needed.

Nikon-D850-DSLR-camera-leaked-picture-2 Can you spot any other difference or addition by looking at these two leaked images? Comment below and let me know.

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