Lightroom for Android Now Supports Almost All RAW Format Files

lightroom for android 2.2

Lightroom for Android is now much more powerful as the latest update now supports almost all RAW file types including .orf, .raw, .rw2, .cr2, and .nef. The Lightroom for Android app version 2.2 can now let you edit photos from almost any camera. This update is a big relief for android users as the iOS version of this app was already supporting all RAW formats.

The best part about the latest update is that you can now connect your camera to your android smartphone using an OTG cable and transfer the RAW files without any hassle. Now android users can easily edit and upload their photos on social media platforms on-the-go. With the increasing use of digital cameras and more and more smartphones coming up with the ability to click photos in RAW format, this update was much needed.

That’s not all, the RAW files that you import into Lightroom for Android will be synced with the Lightroom for desktop or Lightroom on the web and it will retain the edits and star ratings.

You can check out the list of supported cameras by visiting the Adobe website. If you haven’t yet downloaded the Lightroom for Android app, click here to download it.

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