Photo story: The Nakki Lake, Mount Abu by Adee Singh

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Nakki Lake

The heart of the hill-station, the pride of every resident of Mount Abu – Presenting before you, one of the most incredible tourist spots to visit in our Incredible India, The Nakki Lake.

The fact that the lake is the heart of Mount Abu is evident by the fact that it is located within walking distance from the main market of Abu and almost 80% of hotels and restaurants of Mount Abu.



There are 2 stories behind the origin and creation of the Nakki Lake:

  1. One story states that the Nakki Lake was dug by the gods themselves using their nails (Nakh) to live in, for protection against the evil Bashkali Rakshash (a wicked demon).
  2. The other story tells the tale of Rasiya Balam (a sculpture of the Dilwara Jain temple) as the person who dug the lake. A king had declared that he would marry his daughter (Kunwari Kanya) to the person who would dig the lake in one night. But later, the king’s wife refused to this condition and thus, Rasiya Balam couldn’t marry the king’s daughter. It is said and believed by many that Rasiya Balam was an avatar (incarnation) of Lord Shiva, and Kunwari Kanya was an embodiment of Goddess Parvati herself.

Nakki Lake

Nakki Lake

Geographical Facts

  1. The Nakki lake is the largest artificial lake in India & is situated at a height of 1100 meters above sea level. The lake is in length of about a half mile and in width about of a quarter of mile and 20 to 30 ft. deep towards a dam on the west side.
  2. There is the Toad Rock on a hill near the lake and by the side of the lake, there is also a path leading towards the famous Sunset Point of Mount Abu. (However, it is forbidden to use this path due to many dangerous bandits living  along it)
  3. Also, the famous Raghunath Temple and Maharaja Jaipur Palace are located on the hills surrounding the lake.

Nakki Lake

Nakki Lake


Other facts

On one hand it is called the ‘love-lake’ of Mount Abu, and on the other hand, it is regarded as a highly sacred lake by many tribes. One of these tribes is the proud Garacia tribe, who come to the lake during their festival in Shukla Paksha in April to worship and remember their ancestors and to consecrate their nails (Nakh).

In 2006-2007, along with 8 other Indian lakes, Nakki lake was granted a huge financial boost for its protection & conservation.

Mahatma Gandhi’s ashes were immersed in this Holy Lake on 12 February 1948 and a ghat known as the Gandhi Ghat was constructed here.

Nakki Lake

Things to do

Boating can be done in the lake and tourists can also take horse rides in the areas surrounding the lake. Boating is the main attraction of the lake and is one of the ‘must do’ things in Mount Abu

One can also shop to their hearts content in the many markets & shops which are located around the lake. Everything, from clothing shops to eateries can easily be found without breaking into a sweat.

When in Abu, do as the locals do!. Simply visit the lake any time in the day & just sit about and enjoy the serene sights. You will feel relaxed & delighted.

Nakki Lake

For all those travel bloggers and photographers, this is THE spot to photograph in Abu. The picture perfect location of the lake surrounded by mountains, gardens, and rock formations makes it one of the best places to do photography at while visiting the hill-station.

Photo story by #ShotByAdee’ (Adee Singh)

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