smartphone photography tricks

7 secret smartphone photography tricks – #4 is unbelievable

In this generation of Instagram and Snapchat, we just love to click photos while travelling or even while eating. We really never care about trying something out of the box to capture unique and interesting photos by investing some time…
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Greece in 10 images: Photo feature

Greece, a country having more than 2000 islands,  is a paradise for travel photographers. Just think how adventurous it would be to get clicking in a country which has the most number of archaeological museums in the world. The country…
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online photography courses

8 Free Online Photography Courses and Lessons

Photography is an art that one can never stop learning, new techniques and trends keep coming, it is up to us how quickly we learn and bring them to practice. Be it an amateur or a professional photographer, it is important…
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jewellery photography

How to Photograph Jewelry – top 10 Jewelry photography tips

The key to a good jewelry photography is attaining the perfect exposure, lighting and most importantly, the sharpness of the product. These three are the main elements a photographer needs to master to achieve a profession jewelry photograph. Jewelry photography is…
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Sigma 24-35mm f/2 Art: world’s first f/2 zoom lens

  In the year 2013, Sigma introduced a lens which amazed the photography world. They introduced the one of its kind 18-35mm f/1.8 zoom lens for APS-C cameras, with super fast aperture. The full frame camera users were feeling ignored,…
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fashion photography

10 Tips for Outdoor Fashion Photography

Outdoor fashion photography is one of the most challenging but fun to learn-form of photography, but you need to do is keep in mind and practice some basic rules which can make your photos stand out from the rest. When…
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How to create HDR using a single image

The secret of creating HDR image using only a single image revealed! Recently, you must have seen those high-saturated and close-to-real photos which make you wonder how on earth was this photo clicked? Well, this blog covers almost each step that…
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