New Sigma Filters: 10x Stronger than Traditional Filters

sigma wr ceramic protector

Sigma has recently announced the WR Ceramic Protector Filters, which is claimed to be the world’s first Clear Glass Ceramic (a new type of glass) protective lens filters. The one of its kind lens filter offers much more protection to your valuable lenses. But how?

One of the key features of this filter is that the Clear Glass Ceramic is almost 10 times stronger than a conventional protective filter and over 3 times stronger than a filter made of chemically hardened glass, as claimed.

sigma wr ceramic protector

The WR Ceramic Protector filter comes with a water-repellant coating which keeps your lens safe from water, dust, oil and fingerprints, to help you shoot in tough conditions with better quality results. As claimed by Sigma, it is comparatively thinner and lighter compared to other filters available in the market.

This new filter by Sigma will be compatible with all Sigma lenses and lenses by other manufacturers that have from filter threads ranging between 67mm to 105mm diameters.

To sum up, here are the key features of the Sigma WR Ceramic Protector Filter:


This lens filter made up of Clear Glass Ceremic, offers Vickers hardness number of 700HV (much higher compared to chemically strengthened glass) which helps in preventing scratches and chips, which further saves your lens from heavy damage.


Sigma claims that the featured lena filter is 10 times stronger than a conventional protective filter and 3 times stronger when compared with the chemically strengthened glass filter.

Thiner and Lighter:

The new lens protector is up to 50% thinner and 30% lighter than the currently available Sigma filters.


The WR coating on the new Sigma filter repels water and oil instantly and you can easily remove the fingerprint marks.

The pricing and availability of the WR Ceramic Protector Filter have not yet been announced.

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