Click High-resolution 20MP Moonlight Selfie using Vivo V5

vivo v5

What if you are out with a bunch of friends and wish to take selfies, but the available light is very low? You try clicking a selfie but what you get is an underexposed photo in which hardly any of your friends are visible. Your last resort would be to click a selfie using the back camera of the phone, though you would not be able to see what your camera is clicking as the screen would be on the other side.

vivo v5

Vivo has recently launched the V5, a mobile phone which features the Sony’s IMX376 sensor and promises to click photos which would be at par with the digital camera in low-lighting conditions. This front-facing camera sensor has 20-megapixels and is 1/2.78″ big in size, which is massive considering the front camera sensor size being used by other competitors.

With the use of f/2.0, Vivo V5 lets you click a selfie even in low light conditions without introducing grains in the image. Talking about clicking selfies in low light, the Moonlight Selfie feature in V5 promises to create soft lighting effect of a professional photography studio using the flashlight. Even in daylight conditions, the front camera can make you look radiant and flawless using the in-built beautification software, without the use of any flashlight.

vivo v5

Faster fingerprint unlocking in Vivo V5 lets you unlock the phone in just 0.2 seconds, which a perfect for those of you who like to take selfies in an instant. Just slide the phone out of your pocket, unlock it using your fingerprint and click a selfie within seconds. Isn’t that super cool?

If you are super impressed by the specs of this phone, you can head to the official website to know more.

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