10.or G Detailed Camera Review by a Photographer

10.or g camera review

10.or G is a smartphone crafted especially for Amazon India and was launched to target the camera lovers. The 10.or G features 13 MP + 13 MP dual-rear camera setup with f/2.0 and PDAF (phase detection auto focus). The first one is an RGB image sensor while the second one is a monochrome image sensor to capture better details. This dual camera setup also allows you to capture photos with bokeh effect, to get that sweet blur effect in your photos.

The smartphone looks like a fully loaded camera phone on papers, let’s find out if it truly is in real life situation. This is an in-depth camera review of 10.or G smartphone on the basis of various physical and functional aspects.

Camera placement and Handling

Talking about the camera placement on the 10.or G, the camera is placed perfectly at the top center position. One thing I like about this camera position is that even if you are handling the phone from the corners, there are less chances of the camera lens attracting fingerprints on it. It has a slight camera bump, but that can be protected using a mobile cover which is not provided in the box.

10.or g camera review

The handling on this phone is good, as it does not easily slip out of your hands while clicking photos in landscape/portrait mode. The only issue I have with this phone is the odd placement of the lock key, strangely it is positioned above the volume rocker.


The 10.or G rear camera does focus quite fast and accurately, be it in well lit situations or in low light conditions. Honestly, I am quite impressed with the focus speed. Unlike many other smartphones, the 10.or G one detects the focus swiftly without much of focus hunting. The response time is fast and accurate and I hardly got any misfocused shot, except for some situations when the lighting was too low or if the camera to subject distance was very less.

One thing I like about the focusing system on this phone is the focus confirmation alert. When you tap on a subject in the frame, a circle appears with green lines to confirm that the focus has been locked.

I wish the camera app has the option to adjust the exposure as we tap on a subject to focus.

10.or g camera review

Sharpness and Dynamic Range

This 13 MP shooter does produce sharp photos in well-lit conditions, no doubt about that. As the light starts reducing, the camera starts producing minor grains, but to be honest you can not expect a better low-light photo from a Rs.11000 smartphone. The fact that it allows you to manually select a low ISO value and adjust the exposure compensation between -2 and +2, helps you capture decent photos at night.

Talking about the dynamic range performance, the 10.or G captures the contrast between the highlights and the shadows decently. This helped me click some good photos, where I framed the scene in such a way that it had a building as well as the brightly lit sky.

10.or g camera review

It’s good that this phone offers the HDR mode, using which the phone internally clicks multiple photos and them merges them into a single photo. This makes the shadows as well as highlights balanced and the dark, as well as the bright part of the frame, gets balanced. Honestly, I personally didn’t like the HDR mode performance as it desaturated the photo completely as shown in the sample below.

Portrait Mode Performance

Talking about one of the key highlighting camera features of 10.or G, the portrait mode does a decent job. While I was clicking photos using this mode in broad daylight, the subject detection worked well. But as the light started reducing the subject detection accuracy started reducing. But honestly, at this price range, the 10.or G portrait mode is one of the best you can get your hands on.

10.or g camera review

I am most impressed by the feature which allows you to change the focus point and the blur effect strength even after clicking the photo. Now getting something like this in a Rs.11000 smartphone is a great advantage as a photography enthusiast.

I feel that the closest focusing distance could have been better especially while using the camera in portrait mode.

10.or g camera review
Non-portrait Mode
10.or g camera review
Portrait Mode

Low light performance

As the 10.or G does not offer the manual mode, I had to click photos in low light conditions using the automatic mode. The noise was a bit on the higher side and the focusing accuracy was average. I somehow feel that the provision of manual mode could have made this an ideal camera phone in this price segment. The aperture opening of f/2.0 does help in getting more light on to the image sensor in low light conditions.

10.or g camera review

But let’s be practical here, a Rs.11000 phone would not let you capture amazing low light photos. But the 10.or G is one of the smartphones under 10,000 price range that offers some great camera and video features.

10.or g camera review

Video Performance and Features

One of the most impressive features of this smartphone camera is that it features EIS (electronic image stabilization). This means that you can capture smooth videos at 1080p at 30 fps, using the front as well as the rear camera. Also when you switch off the EIS, you can shoot 1080p videos at 60 fps.

I personally do not think there is any other smartphone in this price range that offers such amazing photo and video features.

Talking about the video performance at 1080p using the rear camera, I found it to be perfect. The fact that you can shoot a video at 60 fps or at 30 fps with EIS is a great pleasure. I tried shooting in EIS as well as non-EIS modes, and yes the difference is huge. the EIS video clip appears smooth while you are walking and shooting a video.

Final Verdict: An Indeal Camera Smartphone?

If you love clicking photos while traveling or even in day-to-day life, this is one of the best camera smartphones in the market priced at Rs.11000. If you use it in well-lit conditions, you would not be disappointed but the results. I wish they introduce some software improvements in future updates to make edge detection in portrait mode much better and accurate.

The video performance especially at 1080p with EIS on is brilliant. If you are looking to buy a good camera smartphone within Rs.11,000 price range, this is one of the ideal choices.


If you are interested in buying the smartphone, you can check out the Amazon page for latest price offering.


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