8 Free Online Photography Courses and Lessons

online photography courses

Photography is an art that one can never stop learning, new techniques and trends keep coming, it is up to us how quickly we learn and bring them to practice. Be it an amateur or a professional photographer, it is important for both to stay updated with the knowledge of photography.

Recently bought yourself a DSLR camera? Want to excel your career in the field of photography? Looking to click breathtaking photos on your upcoming trip? We have brought together a list of 8 free online photography courses and lessons to help you brush up your photography skills and clear all your doubts about the basics of photography.

1. Digital Photography at Stanford University

This course has been uploaded by Stanford University for their students, which is open to be accessed by anyone. Simply visit the website and browse through the basics of digital photography in the form of interactive diagrams and explanatory content. One of the key highlights of this course is the weekly photography assignments and you can also take up the final exam for practice.

2. Digital Photography School

This website covers three aspects through which they impart photography knowledge: Tips & Tutorials, Cameras & Equipment and Post production. It is a perfect source of free knowledge about photography and post production of images.

3. School of Photography

This is a perfect example of free to learn online photography courses. Take your own time and study photography courses and tutorials at your own pace, as the School of Photography covers almost each and every aspect of digital photography.

4. Basics of Photography: The Complete Guide

Comprising of beautifully explained videos and loads of content to feed your learning hunger, this is the complete package for the photographer in you. This is one of the best online photography courses for beginners.

5. Exposing Digital Photography – Harvard Extension School

If you are interested in learning the basics of technicalities related to digital photography, this is the right source of information. Harward extension school has provided a platform where you can visit and learn photography at your own pace, whenever you wish to. They have 14 lectures ranging from the use of various softwares to information about setting exposures.

6. Documentary Photography and Photojournalism

If you are aware of basics of photography, terms like f-stops, aperture and use of ISO, this is the ideal source for you to expertise your knowledge about photography. This online courses will help you brush your documentary photography skills and turn you into a pro.

7. Strobist

This is one of the most popular website to learn A to Z about how to use your flash and lights. Start with their Lighting 101course, and you will surely end up bookmarking this website for all your doubts about lighting.

8. FREE Photography Course by Karl Taylor

Trust me, if you follow the tutorials by Karl Taylor, you can easily master each and every aspect of photography. He explains some of the most difficult techniques so flawlessly, which can take you days to even understand. Simply close your eyes and click on the link, you will love this course by Karl Taylor.

Did we miss out on any online photography courses or lesson website which you think should be on this list, do share it with us in the comments below. 🙂


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