Fashion Photography – 10 things to keep in mind

fashion photography

Being a Fashion Photographer

Fashion photography is a genre of photography devoted to displaying clothing and other fashion items on a live model or a mannequin in a way which is visually appealing to the viewers.

It has to be in tune with the vicinity. Total attire should complement the surroundings in a way which is visually attractive. In tune doesn’t mean it cannot be in contrast. Sometimes the contrasting pictures are like way more impactful.

fashion photography

Things to keep in mind:

  1. Plan your shoot at least a week before. If it is an outdoor shoot, make sure the shoot is scheduled based on the climatic conditions.
  2. Virtually imagine the total shoot once just to make sure you don’t forget about the key things. Jot down certain things if required.
  3. To keep your concept and idea clear, discuss it in advance with the team and the model. Also, this kind of an open discussion helps in discovering more ideas which you can implement during the shoot. fashion photography
  4. Visit the location well in advance with the model just to be well acquainted. Get permissions if required.
  5. You should have the right gear for the shoot. When I say right gear, I mean the right kind of lenses, lighting equipment (mostly needed for an indoor shoot) and other accessories.
  6. Make sure you have your gear charged, you have extra memory cards (if needed), props (if needed)fashion photography
  7. On the day of the shoot, wear comfortable clothes, carry the gear which is required (do not carry extra weight). Make sure you have all your team available. Also make sure to provide comfort to the model as well as to the whole of the team. It would help in making the most out of everyone.
  8. Be open to changes, on the day of the shoot. Things may slightly differ that what you would have planned.
  9. Make sure to click pictures in RAW. This gives you a chance to edit them the way you want.
  10. After clicking, always check the pictures through the Histogram. This way you come to know the composition of the image.


fashion photographyEditing plays an important part in fashion photography, but at the same time the picture should always look as organic as possible. So try not to play with the composition much (only if needed). The picture should speak for what you have clicked it for.

It should reflect the same idea, it should convince others as much as it convinced you when you were about to freeze that moment.

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Author and photographer: Sonnell Chawla | Facebook – Instagram – Twitter

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