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adobe lightroom mobile

The great news is that the latest update by Adobe Lightroom allows you to open any type of RAW image now on your mobile phone, which can be opened on Lightroom for Desktop. In the previous update of Lightroom for Mobile, the RAW file support was introduced but only for DNG files. Now using the latest version of Lightroom for Mobile, you can edit any RAW file clicked using your camera on your mobile phone. Isn’t this a great news?

adobe lightroom mobile

But as of now this good news is only for the iOS users, as the ability to open any kind of RAW format has been introduced in Lightroom for Mobile iOS 2.4 update only. The iOS update also comes with a new local adjustment tool, with linear and radial selections.

adobe lightroom mobile

“You get all of the benefits of raw, such as the ability to change the white balance, being able to recover blown out highlights, access to the full range of color information, as well as editing an uncompressed file, all using the exact same technology that powers Lightroom on your desktop,” Adobe says about the iOS update.

The RAW support for android can be launched soon. But there is something special in store for Android users with the latest update of Adobe Lightroom for Mobile Android 2.1. The built-in camera of Lightroom for Mobile now has a Professional mode, which allows you to control the shutter speed, ISO, white balance, and focus manually.

adobe lightroom mobile

“In addition to the new built-in camera, we’ve also improved the app’s ability to export full-resolution files. If the files are available somewhere within the Lightroom ecosystem, Lightroom for Android will now download the full resolution version and enable you to export them,” Adobe says regarding the android update.

If you are eager to get your hands on the app, download Adobe Lightroom iOS 2.4 and Lightroom Android 2.1 for free today at iTunes and Google Play Store.

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