The Tomb of Safdarjung – Photo Story by Adee Singh

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tomb of safdarjung

Safdarjung’s Tomb – A sandstone and marble mausoleum, one of the most visited and photographed tourist spots in Delhi, and the subject of this photo-series I shot when I visited here last month. You might have also seen the tomb in some scenes in the 2013 Hollywood film ‘Jobs’.

Let’s Begin

The tomb was built in 1754 in the late Mughal Empire architectural style for the statesman Safdarjung, who was a Prime Minister (Wazir ul-Mamlak-i-Hindustan), in the Mughal Empire under Ahmed Shah Bahadur.

It is also the last monumental tomb garden of the Mughals and its architectural style is similar to that of the Humayun’s tomb. (An enclosed garden tomb)

tomb of safdarjung

 The main entry gate to the tomb is two-storied and its facade has very elaborate ornamentation over plastered surfaces. As soon as one enters through the main gate, they get a perfect view of the architectural brilliance of the tomb.

tomb of safdarjungtomb of safdarjung

(A detail missed by many- The elaborately designed ceiling of the main entrance to the tomb)

The walls of the tomb are built high and mighty, and the central dome, which is the main mausoleum of Safdarjung, is built over a terrace.  Red and buff stones were the materials which were used for building the main mausoleum.

tomb of safdarjung

There are four towers around the main tomb at the corners which are polygonal in shape and are provided with kiosks. They have marble panels which are faded; and decorated arches.

tomb of safdarjung

(A close-up of one of the 4 towers)

The Interiors

The central chamber which is square in shape, has eight partitions with a cenotaph in the middle. The interiors are covered with rococo plaster with elaborate decorations.

tomb of safdarjung

(The cenotaph- An empty tomb of a person who’s actual burial site lies elsewhere)

There is an underground chamber in the mausoleum which houses the actual graves of Safadrjung and his wife.

tomb of safdarjung

‘Men At Work’

A 3 shot series of some men, who were busy in working around the entrance of the tomb.

tomb of safdarjungtomb of safdarjung

(When I was clicking this shot, the man asked me ‘What will you get by clicking a picture of this old man?’. And then a split second later he said ‘But how does it matter, take the picture anyhow’).

tomb of safdarjung

This is for you guys, if you stayed on till here.

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Photo story by #ShotByAdee’ (Adee Singh)

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