A Day Out in Delhi With Comio P1 – Camera Review

comio p1 camera review

Being a photographer and a photography blogger, I am fond of taking smartphones out for a spin to test the camera performance. Recently I got to try the Comio P1, a budget smartphone priced at Rs.10,000. Featuring 13MP f/2 image sensor, the phone looks promising on papers so I thought of taking a walk across places in the city and test its camera capabilities.

So without further ado, let me start with my camera review of the Comio P1 and hope you enjoy the photos.

A Bus in motion

Camera placement and Handling

The first thing that you care about while clicking photos using a smartphone is the firmness of the grip, and the Comio P1 has that right. I didn’t feel that the phone would slip from my hand while I am walking and shooting photos, and that is what I like about the phone.

The 13MP rear camera sits on the left-hand side of the back panel, and this saves the camera lens from getting attracted by your fingerprints which can soften your photos. Online some other smartphones who have the camera positioned on the right side of the back panel, this also prevents the middle finger of your left hand from coming over the camera view.

comio p1 camera review

Auto Focus and Exposure Detection Performance

I personally do not rely on the autofocus, be it of any smartphone and manually tap to lock the focus on the desired part of the subject. As per my views and experience after using this smartphone for more than 2 weeks, the focus detecting, focus locking and exposure reading of the focus area did not disappoint me at all. At night or in low light conditions, the camera was hunting for focus but then it does focus and read the exposure properly.

comio p1 camera review

Sharpness, Clarity And Colors

As a photographer, I always prefer that my photos come out to be sharp and clear while I am shooting using a smartphone camera. As I was using the Comio P1 for more than 2 weeks, being a regular smartphone photographer I did not notice any compromise in the quality of the photo. I have tested many smartphone cameras from this price range and I was certainly impressed by the quality of sharpness and clarity I got with Comio P1, and to me, it looks better than many of those smartphones.

comio p1 camera review

comio p1 camera review

Low-light Performance

Being a big-time fan of shooting monuments and buildings at evening or night, I also tested the P1 to see if it could stand up to my expectations. I went to one of my favorite spots in Delhi, Rashtrapati Bhavan and tried capturing the building when the sky got dark and it was all lit up bright. These situations help me figure out if a camera is capable of focusing correct, taking right exposure reading and to check the grain-level.

So after testing the camera in different situations, I was sure that it would give me decent results in low-light condition. As you can see in the photo shared below, the Comio P1 managed to lock the focus perfectly, record the exposure correctly and the grain is also not that high considering the photo was clicked on auto mode. Trust me I have seen way more grains in some of the smartphones in the same price range as P1.

comio p1 camera review

Is Comio P1 a Photographers’ Smartphone?

To cut things short, at a price tag of Rs.10,000 the Comio P1 offers you a good camera performance and personally, I find it better than some of the under-Rs.10,000 smartphones that I have tested. The only thing missing in this smartphone camera is the manual mode, wish they plan to roll it out in some sort of update. Nevertheless, in daylight the P1 camera performs well and even in low light situations, you can capture some amazing captures, as shared above.

So my final verdict about the Comio P1 as a photographer would be that this is a good buy at Rs.10,000 considering that you capture photos in day light or in bright lighting conditions. The phone feels premium and the grip while shooting is also something that I would like highlight here.

To end this review, let me tease you with this tempting photo clicked using Comio P1. 🙂

comio p1 camera review


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