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the photography blogger learn photography in hindi youtube channel

If you wish to learn photography in Hindi, then you are reading the correct article. The Photography Blogger is a Hindi Photography YouTube channel where you can learn photography for free. You can learn basics of photography in Hindi and learn new photography tips and tricks in Hindi too.

You might find many online photography courses in English, but there are very few photography video tutorials in Hindi language. You will get to know a lot about photography starting from what is aperture, what is shutter speed and what is ISO. In these Hindi photography video tutorials I also discuss many photography related terms such as focal length, depth of field, exposure compensation, etc.

the photography blogger learn photography in hindi youtube channel

You will also find regular videos on mobile photography tutorials in Hindi, which will help you click better photos from your smartphone. These Hindi smartphone photography videos will help you learn mobile photography for free and take your photography skills to next level.

Here is a video about What is Aperture in Hindi:

Here is a video about What is Shutter Speed in Hindi:

Here is a video about What is ISO in Hindi:

Like I mentioned above, I also make Hindi Mobile Photography videos on YouTube so here is an example of 6 Low-light Mobile Photography Tips and Tricks:

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