Tips to Master Conceptual Beauty Portrait Photography

beauty portrait photography

My main goal while creating conceptual beauty portraits in an artificial light setup i.e, a studio is to increase the dynamic range by filling in shadows and capturing details in both the brightest and the darkest parts of the image. Unless, the idea is to create dramatic lighting with visible shadows.

Whenever I shoot conceptual beauty portraits, I make sure to click in RAW format and get the best out of my RAW files (later using Adobe RAW) even if I didn’t manage to preserve details in shadows and highlights with my lighting while shooting.

beauty portrait photography

Below are a acheter viagra few tips that I always keep in mind while shooting conceptual beauty portraits and would love to share the same with you all.

1. LIGHTING (Modifiers)

My favourite and most often used light modifier is a large beauty dish. I also use a deep octabox and a regular metal reflector (seldom) as a key source of light.

Using either of cialis flaccid size the modifiers depends upon a few situations:

a) Size of the subject I want to illuminate: For full body shots, I prefer using an octabox, whereas for close ups and mid waists shots I prefer a beauty dish. I would use viagra sans ordonnance a metal reflector when I need hard-edged shadows and a stark image.

b) Model’s skin: For someone with flawless skin, I usually use a hard source of light like que pasa si tomo viagra y no la necesito a beauty dish and for someone with uneven skin I would use an octal or a soft box. This step is important as it makes my work in post production simpler and quicker.

c) My own vision: I may break my own rules and use a soft box for someone with an uneven skin if that’s what I have envisioned as a result for the final images of that particular shoot.

In the following conceptual beauty portraits, a beauty dish was used as a key light source modifier and a small softbox was placed on a floor stand in levitra uk supplier uk front of the model to fill in the deep shadows under her chin and nose. This kind of lighting is commonly referred to as clamshell lighting.

beauty portrait photographybeauty portrait photography

The other alternatives to a fill light source can be a silver reflector or a white thermocol sheet depending upon the kind of dynamic range that you want to create in your images.

beauty portrait photography
Fill light source: white thermocol sheet
beauty portrait photography
Fill light source: white thermocol sheet

The shot below is taken with a regular metal reflector as the key source of light and since it is a small light source, it will illuminate a lesser area of your subject and create hard lighting.

beauty portrait photography


For conceptual beauty portrait photography, I mostly use a normal or longer focal length lenses as they help avoid distortion.

Whereas for fashion photography, wide angle lenses work well where distortion is at times desired and looks appealing too.

Most of my beauty shots are taken with the Tamron 90mm F2.8 Nikon mount (macro lens). It’s just a personal favourite.


Invest a lot of time researching as to what do you want to shoot, what kind of results are you looking for and what kind of planning will go into making the best of a photo shoot.

If you’re into commercial photography look for the industry brand’s advertising.

Find online achat sildenafil citrate youtube sources like Pinterest or Instagram via hashtags and look through citrate sildenafil naturel gel 100mg strong beauty images as references for your next shoot.

beauty portrait photography

References could be in terms of the model, her pose, lighting, styling, make up etc.

You can cialis generique pick up various references and plan a look which suits your taste and vision.

If the job is for a client, get a clear idea about what your client wants and prepare accordingly with correct lighting, light modifiers, gears and camera settings.

Analyse what you have photographed after each photo shoot. Jot down your own feedback from your own shoot.

Analyse your framing, lighting, model’s posing and try to understand what could cialis 20 gm have been done better.

4. DIRECTING YOUR MODEL (w.r.t. posing and lighting)

While directing the model for posing, it’s always better to demonstrate i.e, show it yourself rather than just explaining the post to the model.

If you’re looking to photograph emotions, don’t instruct your model what to do, but tell her what her character tem que ter receita para comprar viagra is and how she needs to feel. Let your model pose on her/his own.

Pay attention to the model’s face when you’re moving the lights to see how the light reacts to the shape of her face as it happens.

This will help you know which angle(s) of her face will work best cialis 20 mg avis for you.

I would always try to have a catch light in her eyes which gives a life to the whole image.

beauty portrait photography


a) Colour Gels

You can always play with lighting, like by using colour gels. Colour gels can be bought online and in camera stores. The cheapest option is to buy from craft shops, but those are very thin and hence I end up using them folded double vente viagra pharmacie canada to achieve rich colours.

Below is an example where I used colour gels to add a little spice to my image.

beauty portrait photography

b) Create a concept

I would always try to incorporate creative make ups or hair styles while planning with my make up artist who would also come up with innovative ideas. Adding interest to my beauty shots is a priority for me, in most of my photo shoots.

beauty portrait photography

Soon, i would be coming up with a yet interesting and informative blog post on Conceptual Beauty Portrait Retouching. Here is a glimpse of what i am going to cover in my next post:

beauty portrait photography
beauty portrait photography











Guest post by: Mehak Chawla

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